I’ve been meaning to make Margot Henderson’s Turkish Coffee Cake for months having read it about in a post from  The Grazer and Easter weekend seemed as good a time as any to just get on with it. Not Turkish coffee but espresso is the recommended caffeine ingredient but maybe the real stuff would add an extra hint of the Bosphorus.  Anyway, it’s dead simple and tasty to boot – cinnamon, coriander and nutmeg mixed with 2 sorts of flour and soft brown sugar for the base and then chopped walnuts for texture with sour cream, coffee + beaten eggs mixed into 50% of  the base ingredients  for a luxurious filling.




Decided on Greek yogurt and then decided it needed more colour and a touch of acidity . .


. . and then thought it looked better the other way around.


The smoked haddock from Sonny also went through the Henderson experience. From Fergus Henderson’s book Nose to Tail Eating. I’m a bit soppy/wet/ uninterested about the offal and ‘neglected bits of animals we love to eat’ that the majority of the cookbook is based on but it’s a good read. St John B+W is one of my favourite restaurants. So  I don’t do the ‘neglected bits’ but I do like this recipe from the Fish + Shellfish chapter mainly for the flavour (saffron heaven) and the visual impact and the sense of history . . .



Taken with the food mode on the camera – not so good. Then another shot taken with the portrait mode that is much better.


A little pile of spinach was added too but eaten too fast.

Spoil the child

Spare the rod,

Open the caviare

And say Thank God.   Noel Coward  quoted in ‘The Cynic’s Lexicon by Jonathon Green (1984)

Happy Birthday JG



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