early december landscape

December 7, 2013


horizon 3

This morning, the horizon shimmered with a low misty layer. The sea appeared to be exhaling in long slow sensuous breaths into the huge sky above. The contrast of this light show (orchestrated by the universe) to the raw, stubbly  texture of the newly ‘cut’ hedges (massacred by man) was quite powerful. . . . .

horizon 2

. . . . although the colours of the landscape here in the  Country Park, now are mostly earthy and restful, flashes of brilliance appear on the top of the gorse and from the berries of the stinking Gladwyn iris – poor plant to have to bear this detrimental tag . . .


iris foetidus

. . . but holding its own against the encompassing mass of bracken fronds looking now like shredded brown paper bags. Attractive in appearance, the bracken masks its true nature  –  pernicious, invasive and opportunistic.coast 2

oak + horizon



Scrub oaks and small sweet chestnut are more prominent visually on this sloping coastal terrain. A flock of birds showing as black specks add to the graphic quality of the composition. I feel a stranger in my surroundings. When I look to the horizon from this rather gentrified landscape, I want to know what is happening beyond and elsewhere in the world. I should feel lucky  in comparison with those caught up in violent conflict as the poem intimates.

The seasons are sharp and divide the look and feel of the landscape. It becomes very different worlds when the seasons change. Elements are exposed; then covered, hidden and secret. I think again and again of Ravel’s  sentence:  Music is the silence hidden between the notes.

scrub oak leaning

Was it widthways or lengthways,

a quarrel with the equator?

Did the rawness of the inside sparkle?

Only this is true:

there was an arm on one side

and a hand on the other,

a thought on one side

and a hush on the other.

And a luminous tear

carried on the back of a beetle

went backwards and forwards

from one side to the other.  Monica Alvi  How the World Split in Two

5 Responses to “early december landscape”

  1. Tom Says:

    yes when landscapes somehow threaten they are more arresting than when they dazzle (daft word…). Powerful images, the sky helps, foreboding, like Hardy’s heath x

  2. julia fogg Says:

    Was an experience to behold.

  3. Sinclair 3168 Says:

    An amazing glimmering horizon. You feel a stranger in those surroundings but I miss them! Such is life.

  4. Nice post as ever, Julia. Not sure about the out of focus twig. I kept finding it irritating.And I love bracken at this time of year. You are very hard on it. It is just trying to make its way in the world. It used to be used a lot, so the poor thing now gets ignored or abused. It’s crying out for someone to find a place for it in the world again.

  5. julia fogg Says:

    no, the twig looked OK on small screen but looks a bit ridiculous on larger surface I agree. Maybe I was not that clear – in fact bracken is part of the best childhood memories but in this situation it needs some gently management.

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