evening lights

December 22, 2012

old town highstreet

A ‘ dark’ post  but appropriate for the time of the year.  Early evening in the Old Town High Street shows glistening puddles – it’s drizzling yet again, so very few folks out and about . . .  but quintessentially British.


At Schmizu, the window and the shop inside, look stylish – as always – beautiful display and the shop’s still open . . .


bells bicycles

. . .  equally creative are the windows of Bells. Many buildings – houses and shops –  have discreet festive lighting  – just visible. Curtains are left open at Christmas time, to allow the outer world to enjoy what is happening within . . .

discreet 1

discreet 2

discreet 3

. .  some shop windows are all about window shopping – dresses – yes, possibly . . .


dress 2

hendys 1

. . .  and such fragile memories from childhood show in the double frontage display of Hendy’s Home Store.

hendys 2

Pretty swags across George Street . . .

george st2

and smaller swags in the windows of Skylon in Norman Road


In the windows of Wayward, it’s a complete composition with intriguing details of ribbons and of carefully selected ornament . . .


windward 2

windward 3

. .   this lighting on the Marina building, however, stays with me night after night. Am very fond of this facade. Other posts on festive are here and here.


The poems take exception to the rain.

They complain of their ankle-joints,

their elbows.

They reserve the right

not to be relied upon.

They put on weight.

They hoard their sleep

like currency –

not a crumb or a word

let slip, not a coin

in the collecting-plate.

Under the Christmas tree they lie

Immobile, with their travellers’ eyes.

When the day drowns them out

they look to the merciful night.

Night that takes the form of a train

crossing a forest.

shaking snow-pillows

from the silent branches. Jo Shapcott  December 4

9 Responses to “evening lights”

  1. Sinclair 3168 Says:

    Love the intimate shots of twinkling trees through the windows. Glowing bloated Santa quite scary/funny!

    • julia fogg Says:

      Glowing bloated Santa is in the window of the old pub, Admiral Benbow, home and work place of Philip Oakley the lighting designer. Always makes me smile. Ho ho ho!

  2. anny evason Says:

    Is wayward the new place in the high street? Looks interesting. And where are the frocks?

    • julia fogg Says:

      Wayward is Andrew thingy in Norman Road – of the can’t switch the basement light off – and black frock is Bramwell Cole in N Road and the other the 2nd hand shop near Brays. Belle Epoque is the new shop in High Street but haven’t found it open yet so that makes it tantalizing – an unusual marketing technique!.

  3. Elizabeth Says:

    Lovely festive post!
    Why is England lass crass than the US…..hm a rather silly question really.
    Anyway, I enjoyed my glimpse of damp Blighty.

  4. daseger Says:

    Well I was surprised to see colored lights on that one tree–a big no no in the waspy (English) towns of stodgy NEW England. Thanks so much for the digital window-shopping, Julia; I hope your holidays have been just as festive as this post.

  5. carolineemma Says:

    Reblogged this on lifelovelanguage and commented:
    I love Shapcott’s poetry and I love your blog! Thank you.

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