sheep and more sheep

December 2, 2012

A visit to Rye – to the dentist  – just by the church. Amusing comments from others in the waiting room – “it’s just the thought of the dentists that makes one feel nervous” – ” I’ve never really been hurt” –  ” I dread it”. Fortunately, for me, it’s never a bad experience as luckily my dentist is brilliant. I wander down through the town walls feeling mellow rather like the sheep grazing on the marshes by the river Rother. Back on the road home – the Royal Military Road at the junction with Sea Road at the base of the Winchelsea hill, temporary traffic lights provide an opportunity to pause and view down the stretch of land carved out by the construction of the canal. Beautiful tones on the rushes – but no sheep.

Having negotiated the hair pin bends around the base of the town and started to pick up speed on the down hill run after Rectory Lane, a large flock  came into view captured in the geometric areas formed by the network of ditches and streams . . . .

. . . quiet and ‘nothing to shout about’ willows line the stream . . . .

The ancient mounds that hold the ridge of Monks’ Walk form a spectacular background.

Off they scuttle – across my idea of a seventh heaven landscape.

The hills step off into whiteness.
People or stars
Regard me sadly, I disappoint them.

The train leaves a line of breath.
O slow
Horse the colour of rust,

Hooves, dolorous bells –
All morning the
Morning has been blackening,

A flower left out.
My bones hold a stillness, the far
Fields melt my heart.

They threaten
To let me through to a heaven
Starless and fatherless, a dark water. Sylvia Plath  A Sheep in the Fog

Another post more related to the poem and another about sheep and I’m not sure if Romney Marsh sheep had bells – but I do know who might know.

13 Responses to “sheep and more sheep”

  1. charleshawes Says:

    We, like Sheep.
    Sounds almost like you were herding them.

    I could tell some horrible dentist stories. But I like mine now. She likes my glands but I don’t understand most of what she says.

    Nice pics!!!!

  2. julia fogg Says:

    In another life, being a shepherd might be a consideration but definitely not dentistry.

  3. Sinclair 3168 Says:

    Ditto re pics, and very much like the poem too

  4. julia fogg Says:

    Mmmm, strange but, oh so talented – go together of course.

  5. Natalie Says:

    Beautiful words and pictures.

  6. julia fogg Says:

    Thanks Natalie – beautiful subject so the rest’s relatively easy!

  7. Val Says:

    Ooh, I had a bad day at the dentists a few months ago. He was trying to pull a tooth out for ages, and afterwards it felt like a flock off sheep had walked all over my face!

  8. elizabeth Says:

    Teeth and sheep –hm………both white (mostly) but what different textures! Both teeth and sheep have something to do with dreams.
    Absolutely no sheep in Manhattan so I savour your very English ones.

  9. Tom Says:

    Sheep do indeed scuttle, even when not under the dog’s keen eye, but a crab scuttles better, onomatopoeically. Is it ok to say I miss the light of an English country scene?

  10. julia fogg Says:

    good to hear from you – will keep posting countryside pix to help! but really would be quite happy to swop.

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