silver of the sea

November 25, 2012

Strange light this morning bouncing off the moving silvery mass of the unknown. It’s a big sea again, and has been for a week, buffeting winds bringing the weather from the west so it’s a good idea not to be deceived by the sun.

This week-end a new festival was born. Following on from the seafood festival in September, this is an entirely local event focused on the Hastings fishing fleet.  I remembered that the first post on this blog was centred on the fishing activity here too. The weather, in fact,  set the scene well . . .

A fresh catch – an army, glean or shoal – on display and also methods of preserving or curing.

The blessing of the nets and the singing of shanties by those with beards!

Hands on cooking and also appetising displays of smoked herring, bloaters, mackeral and salmon. This is Sonny’s forte. Tonight, I’m attempting Herrings in Oatmeal with Bacon  – a Rick Stein recipe –  in celebration and to support the locals.

Clouds doing funny things out in the open – looking through the marquees to East Hill  . . . .

. . . and back to West Hill. The sky and the sea  – a fast-moving landscape. The poem, just the beginning of The Moose, to fit the theme but consider reading it all – a perfect piece of verse

From narrow provinces
of fish and bread and tea,
home of the long tides
where the bay leaves the sea
twice a day and takes
the herrings long rides,

where if the river
enters or retreats
in a wall of brown foam
depends on if it meets
the bay coming in,
the bay not at home;

where, silted red,
sometimes the sun sets
facing a red sea,
and others, veins the flats’
lavender, rich mud
in burning rivulets;  Elizabeth Bishop  The Moose

6 Responses to “silver of the sea”

  1. elizabeth Says:

    Silver and blue –and rather chilly looking.
    How Elizabeth Bishop’s words sing and hop.

  2. Sinclair 3168 Says:

    Delicious. Very Scandinavian!

  3. julia fogg Says:

    Turned out fine – more Scots than Scandinavian with the oats – cheap as chips as well as tasty.

  4. Val Says:

    I’d say the fish and chips are top notch in West Hill!
    Great photos, especially ‘The Bearded Ones’ 🙂

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