trees in late autumn in town

November 22, 2012

Couldn’t quite trace the strong gardenia scent that wafted down the streets in Aix until I spotted this Eriobotrya – loquat – and then, of course, identified them everywhere – scent is a dream – and the strong leathery leaves cradle the flowers rather beautifully. The platanus are looking fantastic  – even more fantastic than when in full leaf  . . . .

. . . also, visually strong, is the soft but powerful marmalade colour of the Morus platanus . . .

. . caught this combination of autumnal tones of birch and hornbeam with the green whisks of bamboo – all as a boundary planting between building and street.

Pines stand out even more at this time of year – a close up of the needles housing a Virginia creeper and as part of a grouping with deciduous trees and as a single grouping.

Stunning main stems. Such grace.

Pine and cedar look good together contrasting in texture whereas cypress have the form that demands attention. Soaring!

Fruits hang like grapes from the glossy privet, Ligustrum lucidum, and provide a voluptuous effect . . . .

. . .  but nothing so comforting on the stark stems of the pollarded Albizia trees – great sculptural aesthetic instead.

Many leaves blowing around and birthday boy tries his best to help with tidying up . . .

. . . and watches those who are expert.

That’s all.

The raging colour of this cold Friday
Eats up our patience like a fire,
Consumes our willingness to endure,
Here the crumpled maple, a gold fabric,
The beech by beams empurpled, the holy sycamore,
Berries red-hot, the rose’s core–
The sun emboldens to burn in porphyry and amber.

Pick up the remnants of our resignation

Where we left them, and bring our loving passion,
Before the mist from the dark sea at our feet
Where mushrooms cling like limpets in the grass,
Quenching our fierceness, leaves us in a worse case.  Ann Ridler Autumn Day

2 Responses to “trees in late autumn in town”

  1. Sinclair 3168 Says:

    Flowers being cradled by leaves, marmalade colour – love the imagery. The rich purple fruit too and of course the sweet birthday boy in tree-emblazoned jacket.

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