colder than the Med

August 13, 2012

Boring everyone around me complaining about the weather in the UK! But, a glimmer of something bright in the sky so some time on the beach this week end  . . .

. . .  some swimming. Even no 1 son went in twice and pretended that the sea was warm – oh, yeah, but not quite like the Med was my response.  Watching folks lying in the sun, as part of the landscape of the beach – their postures are revealing. The chap below looks very uncomfortable – maybe hiding his paunch . . .  or trying to light a fag . . .

. .   very relaxed couple here – legs all akimbo – no paunches so quite confident and at ease.

Through the gap in the groynes and  . . .  apologies for smear on the lens!

Across the groynes, misty still to Beachy Head and to   . . .

. . . to the Marina building. Like it or hate it. Not a smear just a gull in flight . . .

. .  a helicopter and the smear and rather beautiful showing off sky.

Like this jaunty couple – just imagine the high pitched squealing as the waves break against bare legs!

I must go down to the sea again,
to the lonely sea and the sky;
I left my shoes and socks there –
I wonder if they’re dry?      Spike Milligan after someone else

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