avignon – short stop

July 16, 2012

From the TGV station into town to pick up a local train – a reed bed in a contemporary water feature is a surprise. The station building itself is a thing of wonder . . .


. . . jumping off the bus at Cours Jean Jaures – more water and time for a chat and gentle reflection.

Down the busy Cours in full festival mode – a joyful holiday feeling. It’s fun here.

. . . but off the main drag, there are shady places for sitting around and contemplating . . .

Luscious foliage on the rocky water feature and equally on the magnolia.

Must return!

Dont tug que may tot jorn prendo plazer. . .

Verses, chansos, siruentes, pastorelas,

Dansas, descortz, redondels, viandelas,

Am bel so gay, melodios, plazen,

Balan, trescan o lors obran fazen;

E motas vetz, per fugir ad enueg,

Per los jorns loncz, o can fa longa nueg,

Legen dictatz, gestas o bels romans.


From which a great number of people always take pleasure. . .

verses, chansos, sirventes, pastorelas,

dansas, descortz, redondels, viandelas,

with pretty tunes, gay, melodious, and pleasurable,

as they dance and leap around or do their work;

and, frequently, to raise their spirits

on long days, or when the nights are long,

they read verses, tales or romances.  Raimon de Cornet

3 Responses to “avignon – short stop”

  1. Val Says:

    There’s so much summer emanating from your pics… it’s lovely to see a bit of sun!

  2. […] glad to get a chance to see this station again. Avignon TGV is a 10 minute bus ride from the centre of town – just 3 euro for a return […]

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