to the water

June 4, 2012

This evening at 9pm the landscape of sea and sky . . . .  the vision nudged into my thoughts while reading this poem.

I was on the land, but the land didn’t belong

to earth any more, was allowed to rest

in floating patches here and there.

The pavement rippled under my shoes.

Everything I could see belonged to water:

Liquid churches, theatres, monuments, houses,

liquid sun and sky. My hands wandered

into water, cupped water. My face turned

towards rainclouds, I could feel the membranes

in my body tremble with the fluid

they contain, and the stately flow of lymph,

the faster pulse of blood, A boat’s engine

vibrated through the land, through waves, through my feet

into my torso. Slow – slowly moving. I stepped on.   Jo Shapcott  La Serenissima

One Response to “to the water”

  1. Val Says:

    Impressive clouds and poetry!

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