les tombes and something small

April 14, 2012

The hamlet has two tombs positioned in rather a comforting way. Both are good landmarks, on entry or exit or, vice versa. Both mention the family Maury. The tomb, situated above the road from Laurens, mentions Eduard Maury. Neo classical in style with a garland above the pediment.  

The other is seen on the road to Cabrerolles and appears difficult to access and, perhaps that’s the point. The twin cypress trees pin point the position – the building is only just visible. 

This tomb mentions the ‘ familles Maury et Imbert’. More gothic in style with rustic tile roofing. Both are still, silent and solitary buildings.

Am I inquisitive enough to find out more? For sure, they are families who grew wine – maybe that’s sufficient and I should leave them in peace.

The hamlet appears to clings to the hill side viewed from the land around Clos Fontine . . .  and looking to the east, something small was seen on the ground. The hoopoe – its song heard frequently around the hamlet  – but the little bird is unseen as yet. So surprising and extremely pleasing to watch it  undisturbed between the vineyards.   

Perfectly composed and at ease. Mmmm. Like the landscape here to the east . . .

and the solitary olive. Of course, they’re many more olives here but this tree is a not only landmark, it is incredibly comforting too.

Love lives beyond
The tomb, the earth, which fades like dew-
I love the fond,
The faithful, and the true.
Love lies in sleep,
The happiness of healthy dreams,
Eve’s dews may weep,
But love delightful seems.
‘Tis seen in flowers,
And in the even’s pearly dew
On earth’s green hours,
And in the heaven’s eternal blue.

‘Tis heard in spring
When light and sunbeams, warm and kind,
On angels wing
Bring love and music to the wind.
And where is voice
So young, so beautiful, so sweet
As nature’s choice,
Where spring and lovers meet?
Love lies beyond
The tomb, the earth, the flowers, and dew.
I love the fond,
The faithful, young, and true.  John Clare  Love Lies Beyond The Tomb

10 Responses to “les tombes and something small”

  1. Sinclair 3168 Says:

    What a fantastic-looking bird and yes the olive is comforting all the way out here too

  2. David Eric Cummins Says:

    Beautiful! Both the pictures and the poem. 🙂

  3. ewix Says:

    A heartbreaking, lyric poem. Poor John Clare –such a very pure spirit.

  4. Val Says:

    Love the olive tree pic and the ‘punky’ bird!

  5. Tom Says:

    Imagining the birdsong, the breeze and the quietude.. x

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