up above

February 28, 2012

Rushing out to get the car out of the garage and on the roadside ready for a very early start of to see clients in Devon, I didn’t even look at the sky. But, having  pulled up the hand brake and, looked finally in the rear view mirror before opening the car door, I saw this wondrous cloud formation. I rather wanted to capture it as A Bigger Picture but someone’s already done that!

Holding the camera straight up above, more and different patterns appear . . . . and then looking down to the horizon, the sky, of course, goes on forever. How banal –  cars, garages, roads, rushing –   instead of ‘all to slip through’, ‘looking to take in’,  – just appreciate what’s in front of your eyes.

What of      the quicksand.

My desperate eye     looking too hard.

Or of the eye   of the world

looking too      hard

for me. Or, if you prefer, cause,

looking to take in

what could be sufficient –

Then the sun goes down    and the sentence

goes out. Recklessly towards the end. Beyond

the ridge. Wearing us as if lost in

thought with no way

out, no eye at all to slip through,

none of the hurry or the between-

hurry thinkings to liquefy,

until it can be laid on a tongue

– oh quickness – like a drop. Swallow.

Rouse says the dark.  Jorie Graham  Prayer


‘We can’t be looking at the same things. We’re all on our own’  David Hockney.

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