les couleurs

January 30, 2012

Evening – standing on the bridge over the canal by Place d’Arago –  the sky a bonfire of delights –  in contrast to the more muted tones in daylight.

And the paintbox that is Collioure . . .

These trees, with yellow fruits that I shamefully can’t identify at the moment, against the limpid winter sky. Update, is that it is Melia azedarach, thanks David !

Strong definition of coloured materials behind the Église des Calmes in Ille sur Tet

and a shiny and soft chalky  composition of components in Place de la République. .

Natural tones of flints and sandy stones on the ramp in Plaςa des Ouls . . .

the Plaςa, itself, dressed in Catalan garb. . . . .

. . . the evening sky towards Canigou.

Au pays parfumé que le soleil caresse,
J’ai connu, sous un dais d’arbres tout empourprés
Et de palmiers d’où pleut sur les yeux la paresse,
Une dame créole aux charmes ignorés.

Son teint est pâle et chaud; la brune enchanteresse
A dans le cou des airs noblement maniérés;
Grande et svelte en marchant comme une chasseresse,
Son sourire est tranquille et ses yeux assurés.

Si vous alliez, Madame, au vrai pays de gloire,
Sur les bords de la Seine ou de la verte Loire,
Belle digne d’orner les antiques manoirs,

Vous feriez, à l’abri des ombreuses retraites
Germer mille sonnets dans le coeur des poètes,
Que vos grands yeux rendraient plus soumis que vos noirs.

Charles Baudelaire  À une Dame créole

In the perfumed country which the sun caresses,
I knew, under a canopy of crimson trees
And palms from which indolence rains into your eyes,
A Creole lady whose charms were unknown.

Her complexion is pale and warm; the dark enchantress
Affects a noble air with the movements of her neck.
Tall and slender, she walks like a huntress;
Her smile is calm and her eye confident.

If you went, Madame, to the true land of glory,
On the banks of the Seine or along the green Loire,
Beauty fit to ornament those ancient manors,

You’d make, in the shelter of those shady retreats,
A thousand sonnets grow in the hearts of poets,
Whom your large eyes would make more subject than your slaves.

5 Responses to “les couleurs”

  1. Katharine Says:

    The last photo is amazing.
    love the color in the sky!

  2. woodlandpigs Says:

    Wonderful skies. I miss those warm colours (Colioure – Couleur…). Pouring here all night and day… 😦

  3. julia fogg Says:

    Oh, no – good for the ducks though! Eat lots of warm coloured food!

  4. Val Says:

    Great colours, love the photo of the trees and the clouds in the last shot are wonderful!

  5. Clive Says:

    Mmmm, lovely. Makes me want to pack my case again.

    I really like that random bit of cobbling, with the free-form suddenly coalescing into a herringbone pattern. One day I am going to find the time and the right space to do something with all the stones I’ve saved for just that purpose!

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