storm clouds gathering

January 29, 2012

The forecast for tomorrow is snow . . . .

the gulls are already getting ‘playful’ together thinking the warm weather means spring is imminent. Spring is for pairing up and nesting .

The childish part of me hopes it’ll snow . . . . if it does, the gulls will get a sharp shock and hunker down to wait for the season to adjust itself.  There’s a touch of blue Quink in the clouds and the sea – powerful layers of disturbance.

The page opens

its dark portrait

of a rectangular mouth

and says believe

in alas. Believe

in mourning and

a proper afterlife

which you will come

to understand once

you strip off, fall in

and swim in ink.   Jo Shapcott   The Black Page

2 Responses to “storm clouds gathering”

  1. woodlandpigs Says:

    We had the same forecast but turned out just bitter with a crisp blue sky. Did it snow then? x

  2. julia fogg Says:

    Expected tonight and tomorrow morning – bbrrhhhh!

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