that day of the year again

January 18, 2012

the unique special day of the year when lovely people spoil you . . .

. . . this day last year was sunny and looking at last years post, I can see that I went for a stroll. No such luck today so I made my own landscape of gifts and cards . . .

. . very pleased to see the ‘red hand’!

and not many people will receive Ratte potatoes as a gift on their special day! Look forward to tasting these from France.

Also many texts and emails and this greeting:

. . . and the poem well for all those born in January and because Alison Fell is special too.

January gives me dark eye

and a light,

one patched like a pirate,

obliged to look in,

the other squinting out at thepark

like a spring animal.

What my dark eye knows

is the blind underbelly

of the turf.

the brown dog

in the dream that defies gravity,

and, in the premature dusk,

Concorde swooping down from the storm-cloud,

not silver for once

but tar-black, lucid

as a galleon in the hieratic spread

of its sails.        Alison Fell  January/6  Lightyear

One Response to “that day of the year again”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    Happy happy birthday!

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