Cathedrals and shadows

January 4, 2012

Elne – the town – was named after Constantine’s mother the Empress Helen. The cathedral of Ste – Eulalie- et- Ste-Julie constructed at various stage from the  11 C to  15C.  There are magnificent cloisters but there is also an entrance fee – feeling mean on the day so just images of the exterior . . .

At Béziers,  ancienne cathédrale Ste-Nazaire sits somewhat grandly –  like a lady with wide skirts – overlooking the River Or.

Care for thy soul as thing of greatest price,
Made to the end to taste of power divine,
Devoid of guilt, abhorring sin and vice,
Apt by God’s grace to virtue to incline.
Care for it so as by thy retchless train
It be not brought to taste eternal pain.

Care for thy corse, but chiefly for soul’s sake;
Cut off excess, sustaining food is best;
To vanquish pride but comely clothing take;
Seek after skill, deep ignorance detest.
Care so, I say, the flesh to feed and clothe
That thou harm not thy soul and body both.

Care for the world to do thy body right;
Rack not thy wit to win thy wicked ways;
Seek not to oppress the weak by wrongful might;
To pay thy due do banish all delays.
Care to dispend according to thy store,
And in like sort be mindful of the poor.

Care for thy soul, as for thy chiefest stay;
Care for thy body for thy soul’s avail;
Care for the world for body’s help alway;
Care yet but so as virtue may prevail.
Care in such sort that thou be sure of this:
Care keep thee not from heaven and heavenly bliss.  William Byrd

4 Responses to “Cathedrals and shadows”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    Stunning photos !

  2. Eve Redwater Says:

    That final shot is so picturesque! Absolutely lovely!

  3. julia fogg Says:

    The real thing even lovlier – the view was breathtaking.

  4. […] acanthus and palms.  The exquisite carving came from the  Roussillon workshops.  I am glad that I returned to this and, also, to see the Musée Terrus showing the work of Étienne Terrus, colleague of […]

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