ville et vallée

December 26, 2011

Christmas eve morning in Place de la République with filigrees of decoration above . . .

and a sunset behind Saint Joseph . . .

the next day, a blocked up doorway – lovely in its simplicity – in Rue Droite in San Antonin – Noble – Val. Just by Place Raimon Jordan  . . .

. . and a view up the hill from Avenue du Docteur Paul Benet – a building that looks like a château. The elegant spire

The narrow streets are well decorated. . . .

. . .  we walked on the road to Feneyrols passing an area called Paradis . . .

and a grange . . . .

. .  and later on, someone enjoyed throwing stones down into the river. Happy Xmas 2011!

Que quascus hom deu razonar son fraire
E queia domna sa seror . . .
E s’ieu per so velh far razonamen
A las domnas, no m’o reptes nien.

For each man must reason with his brother,
And every woman with her sister . . .
And if I wish to reason with women,
Don’t reprove me for it at all.  Raimon Jordan  1178–1195

3 Responses to “ville et vallée”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    Nice festive jumper and sturdy country boots. If that sunset was an ice-cream flavour, what would it taste like?

  2. julia fogg Says:

    sort of apricot, peach with cinnamon and some raspberry too! Maybe a touch of damson. Boots one euro only!

  3. […] Sunday market at San Antonin Noble Val is an important occasion. We were early this week so could look around at the narrow streets before they filled with stalls . . […]

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