Catalan mountain, rocks and stones

December 24, 2011

The Canigou mountain has looked inviting from Perpignan this week; especially beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Seen here to the south west from the outskirts of Ille-sur- Têt.

Les Orgues, the earth pillars are to the north . . . .  a natural phenomenon

and Bélesta sits only a few more kilometres to the north. It seemed quite uninhabited yesterday apart from flocks of sparrow/small swallow type birds – TBA. They liked perching on the hands of the church clock . . .

Curving roads wind up and down through rock formations – some with smooth rounded forms – lead passed the landmark of the Vidal tomb erected by a son.  Narcisse Vidal was born in Belésta 1816 and died in Ille 1892, a follower of the teachings of Robespierre.

Sparse garrigue vegetation covers sloping landscape.

In Ille-sur- Têt, between the river Tét and the Boulés, Prosper Mérimée set his story ‘The  Venus from Ille’.  The entrance to Alexis tower – constructed with carved rock and stone diligently to course.

Deare Friend, sit down, the tale is long and sad:

And in my faintings I presume your loue

Will more complie then help. A Lord I had,

And have, of whom some grounds, which may improve,

I hold for two lives, and both lives in me.

To him I brought a dish of fruit one day,

And in the middle plac’d my heart, But he

(I sigh to say)

Lookt on a servant, who did know his eye

Better then you know me, or (which is one)

Then I my self. The servant instantly

Quitting the fruit, seiz’d on my heart alone,

And threw it in a font, wherein did fall

A stream of bloud, which issu’d from the side

Of a great rock: I well remember all,

And have good cause: there it was dipt and dy’d,

And washt, and wrung: the very wringing yet

Enforceth tears.  George Herbert    From  Love Unknown

5 Responses to “Catalan mountain, rocks and stones”

  1. roselle Says:

    Julia I’ve signed to follow your blog, and just had to smile at Canigou – I spent some time living facing Canigou a few years ago. My novel ‘Imago’ is partly set in that region in the C13th, too. I feel nostalgic reading your post! Thank you.


  2. julia fogg Says:

    Thanks Roselle, How could you bear to leave! I’ll look out for your novel.

  3. roselle Says:

    I couldn’t! But I did – a man involved (isn’t there almost always?) – so am there vicariously with you…

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