carcassonne and skywards

October 10, 2011

The foliage of a parthenocissus turns colour to acknowledge the change in season seen on the way from the ‘Ville Basse’ (new town) to La Cité (the citadel).  Too many people visiting here – too many to negotiate – too many  to blot out so I look skywards . . .

. .  and, in the distance, another wind farm and there’s quite few in Aude. In the image above, turbines form a misty landmark on the hills . . .  how bizarre – the visual interface of history and modern technology. My eye is caught by the gargoyle cantilevered from the tower . . .

. . .  and down near Place Carnot, two gargoyles seem to talk to each other . . .  time to leave,  and fly off above the clouds. Think and absorb.

Stones huddled on the rampart and men lived on moss from the stones.

Midnight carried a rifle and women no longer gave birth.

Dishonour’s aspect was that of a glass of water.

I was linked to the courage of other beings, I lived violently,

Growing no older, my mystery among theirs,

I shuddered with the existence of all the others

Like an incontinent boat over thinly-divided depths.  René Char Faction du muet

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