silly season

August 3, 2011

The oppressive humidity at the the allotment went straight to my head – after all it’s the silly season. The shy sunflower seems a tad embarassed by her voluminous green gown . . .  as gloomy as the low cloud.

Next to her is a shed – with a notice – and, being nosey, I have to look closer . . .

. . . moving on its  own and when is this happening!  The onions in the shed on the next plot look trapped and quite bored, if vegetables can look bored??  . . . .

. . . and  out in the open a very young scarecrow jumps about hidden by the tall helianthus – the scale of this makes me smile.

Also amused by the dias for the gourd – cute and practical too – good husbandry here . . .

. . but not here, the cabbage whites have massacred the cabbage but left it with a rather attractive lacey look.

OK, we’re quite silly anyway on our allotment site . . .

. . to the extent of trying to grow tomatoes in a bird cage – whimsical though. What’s really siilly is to see fully ripe blackberries on August 2nd down here in on a wind blown hill top in Hastings.

And to finish the silliness, Spike Milligan, lovely and silly man, and a couple of his poems . . . . from his Little Pot Boiler.

One Response to “silly season”

  1. skybluepinkish Says:

    What an astonishing sunflower. I love your silly allotment, silly is very important (and something I practice as often as possible!)

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