staring out of the office window

June 17, 2011

Staring out of the office window yesterday – an event that happens frequently – the frothy character of the white horses was mesmeric . . .

. . . but today I learnt that there is strong possibility that the buildings along the front here, including mine, might well be washed away within the next 20 years if sea levels continue to rise. As today I attended a seminar ‘Footsteps into the Future – Hastings 2066’ on the impact of climate change to our environs down here on the South Coast. The delegates were an eclectic mix and  the day was spent following initial presentations on workshop groups, discussion on specific tasks and some degree of a strategy to take forward in the short-term and the long-term. After all we were talking about 50 years hence!

We got around to discussing practical ideas for a quick fix and also how we can interest the young now so that they can instigate change within individual families, communities, eventual workplaces and the generation to follow. I am very keen on this route so that ideally, the human race follows sensible actions within their daily lives as the ‘norm’.

We are hopeful that Hastings can take lead and become a flagship small city in tackling the challenge of climate change and also ‘reap the benefits’. This made me think deeply, so more standing and staring locked in thought. We could of course opt for a sea wall and wind turbines along the front.

Conjecturing a Climate

Of unsuspended Suns —

Adds poignancy to Winter —

The Shivering Fancy turns

To a fictitious Country

To palliate a Cold —

Not obviated of Degree —

Nor erased — of Latitude  Emily Dickinson  Conjecturing a Climate

2 Responses to “staring out of the office window”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    Pass on your nuggets of wisdom then won’t you. A certain small chubby baby would appreciate knowing what to do. Is that an elongated Winston Churchill smoking his pipe along the seafront?

  2. julia Says:

    Well a certain chubby baby will probably be telling us all what to do as soon as he can! Don’t doubt he’ll have plenty to say on tackling climate change!

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