the all green day

May 5, 2011

Monday was Jack-in-the-Green Day again. All quiet in Croft Road with pretty ribbons fluttering down the frontages and woven through railings. The house below is St Just where the policeman Foyle of Foyle’s War can be seen going in and coming out during filming. The shops are decorated up too – inside and out.

Locals and visitors start to gather – many in fancy garb. Not sure how a bookie and an explorer fit but anyway they like dressing up . . .

This chap always looks marvellous. His costume is exquisite and he wears it with panache. It’s all very busy and crowded on Rock-a-Nore as the old Jack has to be brought out of the fish hut before the procession forms in a ‘loose’ way. There’s much standing around and informal jostling for position.  

The gentleman with the fuzzy pork pie hat and what looks like a slow-worm over his shoulder is equally well adorned each year – very neat and compact – in contrast to the group below. 

Some wait quietly and some start banging sticks together. I think this is a famous Kent group of bogies called the ‘Rabble’ . . .

 . . and some need to do ‘adjusting’!

The ‘hunter’ shades his snout under a parasol! I liked this green beard and also the head gear  – a Philip Treacy tufa concoction.

Ah, the flamingo has a dog – well this is Dogville . . .

 . . and another hairy thing and a smooth head with an ivy and fern mask  – ticklish?

Feathers and parthenocissus – a delicate touch – and silverware also carefully interwoven below.

Ah, off we go. The procession starts along Rock-a Nore and meanders through the Old Town streets before the steep climb up to West Hill and the Castle Meadow for the finale.

The ‘Russian Ballet’ dancer in mauve. His daily wear anyway is pastel tone tights and little bodices, so no surprise to see this get up! 

A lovely group here holding hands with splendiferous outfits that put me to shame.

Here is Linda dressed as HM The Queen. Not sure which Queen but a tall one! Note the heels!

And why should I be surprised to see a minotaur ambling up the hill . . .

 . . and across between Bob Geldorf and Mr Pastry!

The town is fair buzzing. The need for a good vantage point is obvious – the giants have that. Nathandriel and the Moon-Goddess tower over us but they are only allowed out once a year to get the best view. Last years post on this event is here

8 Responses to “the all green day”

  1. seb Says:

    how wonderful to see people going to such effort to keep traditions alive, humbling especially to those of us living in the smoke!

  2. Cloudier Says:

    And people say England is boring? Thank goodness for the pockets of fantastic loons!

  3. Oh this is beyond fun! I haven’t been since the year I made the mask for the Jack-the-Green, but in the intervening time I can see that the visual imaginations of those who attend the festival have really blossomed.

    Julia, I have been away from your blog for too long, caught up in the business of retrospective, book launches and many, many visitors to Ty Isaf. I can see your life has been very exciting and there is much that is stimulating to behold for me to catch up with.

    • julia fogg Says:

      Well, why not visit next year – accomodation here? Yes, it’s great fun and I have it in mind to design and make the costume NEXT year.

  4. […] . . and the flowering performance of the rocket. The sun shone later for all to enjoy! For previous posts on revels in Hastings,  click here and here. […]

  5. […] . and on to Rock a Nore where the crowds milled around innocently, made up of small groupings catching up on the local […]

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