Paris – les choses décoratifs

April 9, 2011

Galerie Vivienne near La Bourse is rather exquisite – all perfectly renovated. The stone is warm and the floor space  wider than Passage Jouffrey that runs due north on the other side of Boulevard Montmartre. Curving patterns  in the tesselated floor, the arching architectural detail and delicate hanging lights create a feminine feel. Passage Jouffrey, more masculine in character, houses many second-hand bookshops. The poules, below, were on display in one of the  windows.

One of the windows of Dehillerin, famous for all culinary paraphernalia, shows a sense of order. Inside a more chaotic approach – poor circulation and the inevitable fussing around with shop assistants, those who can only assist and some who can only deal with payments and those who can only wrap – fine in a decent space but in a rabbit warren quite frustrating – much  ‘après vous’!  Above the entrance to the Palais de Glaces in Rue Faubourg du Temple, the old elephant is in  repose. He looks like a Topor caricature . . . but methinks Topor would have been doing some mischief behind his back!  This is Topor land after all.

In Place Fréhel, off Rue de Belleville, a mural by Jean le Gac  listed in one passage by Jachére-party with Klein, Warhol and Adami as artists whose work deserves to be protected by curtains against damaging effects of daylight. That would be awful! especially in this case!  Close by is the sculpture by Ben – life size figure in a window cleaner’s cradle and a sign on which he has written ‘Words must be mistrusted – it’s brilliant.

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