Paris et les chocolateries

April 7, 2011

In Paris, the attention to detail of packaging and decoration of shop windows astounds – so immaculate and mouth watering. This is chocolate season with poisson d’avril for April 1st and then a cornucopia of delights being prepared for Easter.

A cockscomb or a pineapple? Difficult to say at this stage. On the corner of Rue Faubourg-Montmatre is a 250 year old sweet shop – A la Mére de Famille – where the chocolatiers are busy.

Les Poissons sont partout. Le grand ci-dessous a un billet pour 75 euros. Mon Dieu!

If you think about the training and the skills and the attention to perfection and, of course,  the quality then this seems reasonable. And this is Paris!

5 Responses to “Paris et les chocolateries”

  1. skybluepinkish Says:

    It is truly another world, and a very beautiful and detailed one. I like it.

  2. julia fogg Says:

    Mmmm and tasty!!

  3. Cloudier Says:

    I’d pay 75 euros for that fishy in a heartbeat.

  4. julia fogg Says:

    If size matters – it was a big one! Ani I guess the quality is superb but don’t leave it in a sunny window like someone did – ask your father!

  5. […] and very similar to Italian asparagi. So that’s the first course dealt with and now onto something sweeter . . […]

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