the evening of strange things + delight – moons + marathons

March 20, 2011

So, the early evening of the 19th March 2011, saw quite a low tide with deep expanses of wet exposed shore line. The mud glistened in an inviting way and the rocks appeared proud above the sub structure. The light, of course, at 6pm was a precursor to an amazing sunset  and moonrise.

Fragile compositions on the groynes.

Wave lines appear on the sandy floor and shadows lengthen. 

The groynes create the dark definition between foreground and background.

And this  moon comes up – pure beauty. Planet stillness. The solar system seems more than ever in control. Quiet composed energy.  

And the next morning, human activity. Not really in control but full of enthusiasm and different levels of  energy. The Hastings Half Marathon hosts about 4,000 keen runners – kids to seniors   . . . 

 . . and some find it hard going but get plenty of applause and encouragement. The fairy gets the special photoshot. Has he arrived from another sphere? The poem below is by Angie, who lots of us miss hugely, and it’s about a special day that followed a special evening.

Today is Spider Day,

It’s the spiders turn to decide the world

Which bud opens which bird sings

Which baby is born.

The earth is all silver cobwebs

thousands and millions

trapping the morning.

And me.

But mine is the morning

Mine is the glory

Another beginning

Like nothing I’ve know. 

Maybe like flying. Angie Biltcliffe  Spider Day.

4 Responses to “the evening of strange things + delight – moons + marathons”

  1. skybluepinkish Says:

    What a beautiful poem. I’m sorry about your friend, I read her husband’s obiturary, they sounded like a wonderful and very creative couple. One day I wouldl like to keep bees too.

  2. julia fogg Says:

    Oh please go ahead with the bees. I’d like to do the same in the not so distance future.

  3. Cloudier Says:

    Wonderful photos – stillness & energy.

  4. julia fogg Says:

    Mmmm, good descriptive words from you. too.

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