February 16, 2011

These 3 beauties not only have style but the most wondrous scent. I think they might be ‘Woodstock’ but, as given as a present, need to ask the source. I’ve found them difficult to photograph – the colour is so dense and any light reflects off to make the flowers seem horrible and rather cheap which they aren’t. I rather like plants that refuse to have their image replicated – good for them.

The stems are dark, almost black, which adds to the exotic appearance . . . but it’s the perfume  – pure heaven. They sit with C’s little agave and make a perfect composition of shape, form, texture + colour.

I am in love with him

To whom a hyacinth is dearer

Than I shall ever be dear.

On nights when the field-mice

Are abroad, he cannot sleep.

He hears their narrow teeth

At the bulbs of his hyacinths.

But the gnawing at my heart…

He does not hear.   Hyacinth    Edna st Vincent Millay

2 Responses to “hyacinths”

  1. gillie Says:

    I love woodstock. I have some under the stairs. I plant up loads of pots and jars (and cups!) and bring them out bit by bit to cheer me up when the garden is still bleak.

  2. julia Says:

    Thanks Gillie, the perfume is outstanding and the colour extremely rich and operatic.

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