january – almost the last day and a clear up

January 30, 2011

 January 30th – some warm sun and some cold blasts  from the easterly wind. The allotment beckoned – mucky underfoot with heavy soil but fragments of beauty still evident. 

The grass and the sedum – just an ordinary ‘Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’  make a good composition. Both should be cut back now but both were given a reprieve for a few more days as the structure they provide now is warming and rather personal. The sedum heads are a landscape of tiny elements retained over a domed form.

The items that read are bits of rusted metal  like the old hopper and the dried stem and seeds of a verbascum – like a scrap yard! a time for reflection for the past year and planning  for the year ahead.

One lesson, Nature, let me learn of thee,
One lesson which in every wind is blown,
One lesson of two duties kept at one
Though the loud world proclaim their enmity–

Of toil unsever’d from tranquility!
Of labor, that in lasting fruit outgrows
Far noisier schemes, accomplish’d in repose,
Too great for haste, too high for rivalry.

Yes, while on earth a thousand discords ring,
Man’s fitful uproar mingling with his toil,
Still do thy sleepless ministers move on,

Their glorious tasks in silence perfecting;
Still working, blaming still our vain turmoil,
Laborers that shall not fail, when man is gone.  Mathew Arnold  One Lesson.


2 Responses to “january – almost the last day and a clear up”

  1. gillie Says:

    There is something so pregnant with possibility about going back in the garden as winter comes to and end. However, much of a pig’s ear I might have made of the garden last year, however pathetic my harvest, this year I know it could be perfect!

    • julia fogg Says:

      Absolutely, you have to be an optimist to be gardener – always up for the challenge and looking to improve. It’s an exciting hobby and one’s always battling climate – at least on the West Hill – wildlife – badgers for us – and disease. Keep going!

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