on the 29th

December 29, 2010

Been meaning to photograph these amaryllis for some time and, of course, left it too late as now they are going over. This is the second bunch this winter – the first were tinged with red and with the most subtle red edge to the petals – very classy and self-possessed. These are equally beautiful in a purist way . . . . they are in a  florist’s galvanised tall bucket by the fire-place. The flower heads get too heavy for the stem when most of the flowers open. A good tip is to stick a slim piece of bamboo or stick up through the hollow stem.  In the fireplace are three wise men from Indonesia and that’s all I know about them. 

A Christmas tree in this house is a branch with stems left fairly bare. Some are covered with gold leaf and some have the usual baubles and chocolates in covered  foil hanging down. Strangely this year, the chocolates are still there! Some Chinese birds perch in the tree too  . . .

And some nestle in the ivy at the base. I think the doll is Indonesian too  and is supposed to keep bad spirits at bay. 

And from birds to bees. In the gloom of the misty day, someone has brought some sunshine to  the wall of Angie and Len’s house. She’d have appreciated that !

Who screams first,

knife man or me?

Enough, I’m gone,

 pushing at the windows,

ready to scatter

through the sky

 like a rainstorm

another paper cup

drifting over the motorway.

 But the white ghosts chase me,

lash me to the bed,

wash me down

 in sour milk and urine,

and scratch a cross

across my belly

 Far above this fancy dress corpse

a honey bee flies,

casting the shadows of trees and rivers

 humming me the hymns of flowers,

and calling me

back to the hive.  Angie Biltcliffe  Hospital Bee.

One Response to “on the 29th”

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