a walk on the 26th

December 27, 2010

A small field near Castle Farm at Winchelsea Beach. We came by here last July when a special event was held at Wind Rose. The path leads directly passed the pools made by gravel extraction . . .

 . . . the colonies of birds of all types are standing on the large island plate of ice in the middle of the water.  . . .

 . . and people and families are doing what they like doing on Boxing Day.

Beautiful light at 2pm, the sea is like an oyster shell . . .

Wading waist high

through the waves

I’m in with it

 In with the birds

Sky larking

The rabbits in love.

It is the hottest day

Of this summer

And I am the sun.

In this ocean

This spit of water

A honey bee drowns.

I watch her colours bleed

To be my grandma’s embroidery

For her boy Tom,

A life lived on the wing.

Honeybee screams

“I am afraid”

I reach in

Lift her finished body to my lips

And blow her away.

I am alive

I am alive

I am still alive. Angie Biltcliffe  Winnie Beach

At the Mary Stanford Lifeboat Building  , the wreathes add a festive touch to the very modest facade but the wreaths are for remembrance and respect – poppies from November 11th. 17 lives were lost when the lifeboat went to help a ship in distress about 80 years ago. No one returned and the building was left without disturbance for many, many years. The families of those drowned couldn’t deal with the experience of visiting and entering the building.It was left  just as the men left it, with their coats hanging on pegs and their boots and shoes below. 

The willows are gleaming today  . .

 . . and the seed heads of Old Man’s Beard have retained their puffy nature even after days of snow and frost . . .

 . . and back at Wind Rose, we take a look at Angie’s hive and see that others are grazing away too . .


 . . back across the stiles, over streams and through fields. 

2 Responses to “a walk on the 26th”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    These beautiful, peaceful images really capture what the days just after December 25th feel like to me. The days leading up to Christmas always feel so energized and hectic, the days after, a prompt slowing down, and hopfeully quiet time spent with loved ones. Just beautiful.

  2. […] interesting collection of nets and carts outside the Mary Stamford Lifeboat House. My first visit here in 11 months . . […]

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