Compared with this view taken yesterday (pic 3 on this post), more life with folks out walking in the sunshine.

Plenty of tracks in the snow . . .

 . . . and climbing up East Ascent, I notice these railings that prove useful to grab hold of as the gradient is fairly sharp and also as they’re modest but reasonably authentic. The view from where East Ascent hits Mercatoria is brilliant in light quality today . . .

 . . slipping and sliding around the corner to Norman Road someone has had fun on this car bonnet  . . .

 . . and a festive window. Well done! 

The light is magical in the mid afternoon but what does tomorrow hold?

Love, the sun lies warm along the wall.

The wide windows and the smell of the road

Do not say ‘Winter’. Ladybirds are crawling

Out on ledges. Midday full on the land

Slows down the progress of the afternoon

Promising evening like a Summer Sunday.


But look where the sun is. Never high in the sky

It crept around the horizon. Ask anyone,

Look at the trees and the calendar – all declare

It should be Winter. Within two hours

The Winter night will come with the fog.

Since you have gone and gone in the dreaded season

And left so much in the sunlight, I cannot think

Of now as a dead time, only gentle,

With nothing to be feared, if this is Winter. 

The unlooked-for season. Jenny Joseph.

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