overall cold but landscapes breathing with individuality

November 29, 2010

a little person has arrived – a very important little individual  – hence no time nor inclination to be blogging of late . . .

 . . wee fingers perfectly formed . . .

 . . the father and the son and their ears. No doubt they will look alike but have unique identities. And although the snow has arrived blanketing the ground,  strangely the landscape beneath breathes through clearly and retains its own identity too.

Early morning with a sprinkling of snow on the beach. A grainy landscape – quite raw . . .

 . . . to the west, with Bexhill lit up and Beachy Head far away, somewhat warmer in feel and more mellow . . .

 . . directly to the south, a stretch of rocks called  Goats Leap is starting to emerge from the water as the tide goes out. When the natural landscape met the sea, the creatures came down from the cliff tops.


Across the road at the Burton Gallery, a sense of summery warmth in a picture by David Reeve and also . . .

at La La Rookh, summery clothes. But not today unfortunately. It’s bitter . . .

 . . little parcels of frozen snow clinging to the grass but bright shiny fruits on the iris gleam through the snow  + look quite festive . . .

 . . . and the spread of verbena has become a delicate frozen button headed landscape.

So for the little one, a lullaby that is all about the way it is sung with soothing notes – the words convey the uncertainty of life! 

Hush-a-by baby

On the tree top,

When the wind blows

The cradle will rock.

When the bough breaks,

The cradle will fall,

Down tumbles baby,

Cradle and all.

2 Responses to “overall cold but landscapes breathing with individuality”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    Hooray for the tiny fingers and Bring Back The Goats.

    • julia fogg Says:

      If only we could go back in time – but what has happened is civilisation! And we are all at fault. At least the gulls don’t give a damn! Little fingers cute – a craftsman, a technician, a healer, a musician . . . .

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