at the church in the wood

October 9, 2010

there are many angels . . .

. . . this one protects Leonora’s grave . . . she’s young, appears dutiful but looks pensive  as she gazes out towards the woodland . . .

. . .  another angel has a big cross to bear as she stands above the inscription ‘peace perfect peace’  . . . this is a peaceful place  . . .

another angel bearing a heavy cross . . .

 . . .  a step back in time – the setting remains as it was for many centuries but civilisation has encroached with housing developments and a new superstore butting up to the woodland . . .

 . . the graveyard is extensive and gently merges with the woodland  . . .

 . .  signs of bountiful fruiting in the native planting  . . . and a last  look at the young angel as I leave – she’s got to me.

I went by footpath and by stile

Beyond where bustle ends,

Strayed here a mile and there a mile

And called upon some friends.

On certain ones I had not seen

For years past did I call,

And then on others who had been

The oldest friends of all.

It was the time of midsummer

When they had used to roam;

But now, though tempting was the air,

I found them all at home.

I spoke to one and other of them

By mounds and stone and tree

Of things we had done ere days were dim,

But they spoke not to me.  Paying calls.  Thomas Hardy 

2 Responses to “at the church in the wood”

  1. Vivienne Says:

    Lovely to tap into your artistic soul again for a short time. Lovely blog and photos

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