fabulous afternoon

October 8, 2010

Out in the sun and wandering around. Do I need this long coat for winter ?

Or do I need the fabric that is hidden behind the coat?

Or do I need this outfit? All to be viewed in Norman Road along with other goodies.

Or do I wander back up to the ‘invalid’ with all the other sightseers . . . or just enjoy and appreciate this view on a lovely sunny afternoon?

Some folks are enjoying a walk  . . .

 . . . and I decide to play hookey and wallow in the afternoon light at the allotment – who knows when we shall have such warmth again in autumn. 

I can’t turn a smell

into a single word.

you’ve no right

to ask. Warmth

coaxes rose fragrance

from the underside of petals.


The oils meet air:

rhodinal is old rose;

geraniol, like geranium;

nerol is my essence

of magnolia; eugenol,

a touch of cloves.  Rosa odorata   Jo Shapcott

Lovely to enjoy Aster ‘Kylie’ . . . .  . . and another aster, ‘Alma Poetschke’  . . .

. . and the stems of the red chard close up and also the flowering of the ornamental grass – label lost I’m sorry to say – which defines the end of summer and the start of autumn, but the sun this afternoon could have been full summer, two months ago. More please!

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