catalpa and colchicums

October 5, 2010

For me, some plants come into their own at this time of year. I admit to find them quite gross until the first days of October. The yellow leaved catalpa is a prime example . . . . acceptable within the frame of the yew – a personal view, of course.

Excellent here with the hot colours in the foreground . . .

 . . and just the ticket making a lovely limey splash within the muted colour palette . . .

. . and also not keen on crocus generally but these colchicums look lax and soft in long grass, much better than in borders and much better than autumn flowering crocus, in my opinion . . .  especially flowing down the side of a ditch . . . . Great Dixter makes good use of colchicums.

The scaffolding is down from the front elevation revealing masterful technique on the repair of the beams.

The windows look so elegant set within the broad oak upright supports. 

Dinner plate dahlias just demand full attention now. Brash when they first flower but they make me smile . . . 

. . . Mina lobata doesn’t come into this category – it’s delightful and shows itself off really well now when other flowering plants are fading. It looks very good with the agapanthus – a combination to remember. And finally, a poker – the colour really gleams out in the damp autumn light – just like a torch.

Now watch this autumn that arrives
In smells. All looks like summer still;
Colours are quite unchanged, the air
On green and white serenely thrives.
Heavy the trees with growth and full
The fields. Flowers flourish everywhere.Proust who collected time within
A child’s cake would understand
The ambiguity of this –
Summer still raging while a thin
Column of smoke stirs from the land
Proving that autumn gropes for us.But every season is a kind
Of rich nostalgia. We give names –
Autumn and summer, winter, spring –
As though to unfasten from the mind
Our moods and give them outward forms.
We want the certain, solid thing.But I am carried back against
My will into a childhood where
Autumn is bonfires, marble, smoke;
I lean against my window fenced
From evocations in the air.
When I said autumn, autumn broke


Song at the Beginning of Autumn  Elizabeth Jennings

2 Responses to “catalpa and colchicums”

  1. flowerpoet Says:

    Thank you for sharing these excellent photographs and your extensive knowledge of plants and landscaping. As a poet, floral designer, artist and hobby gardener, I am enchanted by your blog. It is trult inspiring! Shelley

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