graffiti x 2 – for now!

August 29, 2010

Banksy has been down and he left us a present. It was spotted a few days ago and much controversy ensued with the local council alledgedly threatening to clean it off and locals and, not so locals, telling them they’re mad! So, the council rep, Jay Kramer made a statement:I think this is great. I know that we have a zero tolerance policy on graffiti, and that is absolutely right. However, we have to be flexible so on this occasion I have agreed that Banksy can be an exception to our rule and can stay. So, the town has a zero-tolerance policy on graffiti (and presumably street art too) except in cases where the work is an instant tourist attraction. In those cases, the policy is not so zero-tolerance.  What will they think of the graffiti that has has been applied by Team Robbo onto the perspex sheet finally erected by the council to cover the stencil! I assume that Robbo is keen on a job at Asda – in joke!

I thought I’d have better chance of looking at the work close up at 8am this morning without the groups and small crowds around the work.  A few folks were there already . . . .

. . . and others had been creative over night too . . .

 . . . a limpid morning after all the hubris of the past days. And to finish a little of Spike Milligan who would have enjoyed the goings on.

People who live in glass houses

Should pull the blinds

When removing their trousers.

2 Responses to “graffiti x 2 – for now!”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    ‘Sid’ – Ha! Shame a bunch of delinquents had to ruin what was quite an original and thought-provoking image, but I suppose from a twenty-something that’s an unoriginal thing to say…

  2. julia Says:

    ‘Sid”s piece is still there 48 hours on. No desecration to that piece of creativity. The council have cleaned off the work by Robbo over the Banksy piece but someone has cracked the perspex sheets! The stencil is still inviting interest – yesterday evening someone was giving an informal lecture to paasers by on Banksy + his work. And a few days later, have learnt that it was the man himself.

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