so superb

July 30, 2010

that they deserve a whole post  just to themselves. There surely is a self help group or a specialised counsellor that gives advice/listens to those people enduring building work. Into week 7 with a decrease in noise, thankfully I imagine  for the neighbours (very long-suffering), and on we go with works in the basement. The chaps are great, careful and respectful but home working and trying to live around the ‘invasion’ needs patience and a positive outlook. So, how wonderful to be emotionally supported by these beauties that have pealed out from their buds this morning – Lilium ‘Sumatra’  – to cheer us all. Oriental hybrid lilies with  a perfume from the East – frankincense, myrrh and frang pani – supplied by Peter Nyssen, my favourite, at the moment, bulb nursery.

The front patch is populated by Verbena bonariensis. It’s all quite girly really! I would think that about half the plants have been lost this summer but the guys have been really careful with them – tall and brittle in habit and close to the basement windows that are the access points for all builders and materials. Rather a nightmare but  I am grateful for the care shown  as they come to and fro. These views from above might explain . . .

There are a couple of pots of Geranium madarense too – both in their first year so only flowering in 2011. Well, hopefuly they will flower but with all this traffic passing in and out of the windows – surely we’ll have finished this project by next year!

These verbenas just seed on and make a forest most summers. The ‘ghost’ vertical,soft blue plant in the background in Campanula pyramidalis. These are in containers – copied from Great Dixter ( Anny Evason’s Great Dixter Garden Sketchbook has recent posts  – on my blogroll).  

As I finish this post. the perfume from the lilies is powering up to the first floor office window – and I can hear the strains of Handel’s ‘Giulio Cesare’ from the ground floor. Oh my, what a combination!!

lily has a rose
(i have none)
“don’t cry dear violet
you may take mine”

“o how how how
could i ever wear it now
when the boy who gave it to
you is the tallest of the boys”

“he’ll give me another
if i let him kiss me twice
but my lover has a brother
who is good and kind to all”

“o no no no
let the roses come and go
for kindness and goodness do
not make a fellow tall”

lily has a rose
no rose i’ve
and losing’s less than winning(but
love is more than love)

lily has a rose by E. E. Cummings

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