the journey sweet peas to asilah

July 17, 2010

Saturday morning after a busy week, thought the water in the sweet pea bowl needed refreshing. Placing it back on the table and looking down into the still perfumed mass, a good 50 blooms, I decided to record the event visually. They looked so gorgeous.

Then my eye travelled a few inches to this cover by Fiona Rae  on last year’s  catalogue for the 75th anniversary of Glyndebourne  – that has some connections, for me, with the peas . . .

. . . now I was on a very pleasant little diversion as these two postcards (sent home from San Pedro de Atacama, Chile on December 17th ) on the table also had something to say to me.

Valley of the Moon with Licancobur Volcano above and Sunset at Atacama’s Great Salt Marsh below.

Above the bowl of sweet peas is a print by Gillian Ayres – so much to look at and so much to discover . . .

Even the stack of butterfly chairs just below gets me going . . .

. . . swinging around to look at the cornucopia on the mantelpiece, I rediscover the skeleton of a prickly pear from Asilah and some acacia twigs from the Little Karoo . . .

. .  which connect visually to something outside the window . . . all this within a couple of metres; and a couple of minutes.

It’s like the Light —
A fashionless Delight —
It’s like the Bee —
A dateless — Melody —

It’s like the Woods —
Private — Like the Breeze —
Phraseless — yet it stirs
The proudest Trees —

It’s like the Morning —
Best — when it’s done —
And the Everlasting Clocks —
Chime — Noon!  Emily Dickinson

8 Responses to “the journey sweet peas to asilah”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    Part of the reason why we all like visiting so much. Excellent colours and good Chilean memories.

  2. […] artichokes and mixed pink tones of sweet peas. An image for all those that pick up my image from this post written a while ago. If you were in this country Claudia, you’d have a birthday bunch! […]

  3. […] and colour again that touch the soul.  Paint, as liquid,  put on the canvas with the hand !  Gillian Ayres is very popular in this house – but don’t get overly excited as it’s only a […]

  4. Greetings from Abiva Publishing House, Inc.!

    Abiva is a Philippine publisher offering textbooks in basic education. We are currently securing permission for the materials that will be included in “Science and Technology 9.” Our author wishes to include in this textbook, the photo of sweet peas featured in this blog entry (as seen in In light of this, may we respectfully request your permission to reprint and distribute the photo being referred to in the link provided.

    We sincerely hope for your favorable response to our request. Please send us your reply stating your permission and/or other conditions we need to comply with.

    Thank you so much!

  5. cliffdean Says:

    Julia, your link to Asilah has been usurped by an advert that’s difficult to get rid of! I find quite often that old links no longer function but can’t be bothered to go through and check. It’s usually other people who tell me.

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