strolling down the hill

May 18, 2010

Wandering down from the West Hill towards the Old Town is always a delight but most especially during an early summer evening when the cow parsley stands tall on the verge. Pockets of urban woodland filled with badger sets are on the left  and the tall sandstone rock supporting the higher ground on the right. It’s much more pleasant doing the walk this way that huffing and puffing up the other direction!  There are small doors and gates set into the hill-side; one is the entry to a new allotment area just being refurbed by the council and others give access to goodness knows where! In the old days smugglers used the caves in the soft sandstone for their plunder. On the town side, both front gardens and closed rear entrances form the road side in a rather a particular way. The folks behind this wall  know quite a lot about gardens – the wisteria is well pruned and forms a very attractive frothy coping to their boundary – I find it very inviting as, for some bizarre reason, I like to look at the backside of plants. So for me, the rear of a wisteria is hugely more interesting than seeing it full frontal.

The erigeron is just starting to bud up – it loves crevices and chinks in walling and paving and seeds like mad.

Also like the back view of this clematis in Croft Road snaking its way around a simple wall pier – the energy of the stems and growth pattern is more obvious from this aspect.

Some of the gated entries are clearly not used but have their own charm  . . .

 . . and a few prohibit any voyeurism . . .

 . . these entrances remind me of theatre sets but I don’t know why. It’s also quite atmospheric in this narrow sloping  and intimate road  . . this aria from Rinaldo by Handel completes the experience

Looking up above the gated entrances, some gardens are being resurrected and show clearly  that they are loved . . .

. . as is the small ‘communal’ ?? garden at the bottom of the hill. Don’t know who looks after this patch but someone cares. As I turn the corner dropping right into town, I note that residents are at it!! C. looking after someone elses pots, watering just at the right time when the light drops away. She knows what she’s doing!

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