delicacy and control and Bach

May 12, 2010

And now, details and textures – some unfolding and some just hinting of the summer to come – lightness of touch and perhaps sublimity and those very special moments – blink and you’ve missed them . . .

 . . . the fronds more visible due to heath fire . . .

. . now the orchards look like young girls . . . .

. . even some of the mature ladies look fresh and pure . . .

. . delicate broderie anglaise can also be seen at the water’s edge . .

. . and young plants can seek a tender caress before they develop into monsters, such as the gunnera above  . . .

 . . while some look delicate but assured. Last night, listening to the Bach’s B Minor Mass, I thought how similar the experiences of exquisite control in music and in the growth of plants must be.

 Admittedly, the Monteverdi Choir under John Eliot Gardiner, peform this piece with the most delicate touch and do complete justice to Bach’s quiet control and composition of notes.

Man is composed here of a twofold part;
The first of nature, and the next of art;
Art presupposes nature; nature, she
Prepares the way for man’s docility. Robert Herrick  Upon Man

One Response to “delicacy and control and Bach”

  1. Julia, I have added this site to my blogroll. Hope that’s OK with you.

    Also, I added a PS to my reply to your comment yesterday on the Madonna del Parto Diary post. Please read and comment.


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