lines in the landscape + a shock

April 27, 2010

A. took this pic at the top of Doleham Hill by Doleham Halt, a little station hardly used nowadays. The lines made by vegetation in the landscape, especially native hedges – these are  hawthorn, blackthorn, elder, bramble + ivy mix – are at their most spectacular at the moment. Looks like billowing waves! We often go up and down this lane – it’s  a very pleasant route to a project but, unfortunately, others see the lane as a good place to fly tip. Ah, the beauty and ugliness of life!

Elder can often look very thick and course especially if the ‘mixed’ nature of the hedge has been lost over time. The rotary flail takes no prisoners and you can almost wince in sympathy with the plant . . . new term, new haircut . .

Laying a hedge is still to be seen, but not as much as it was . . . 

. . these limes have been pruned  every year so that the branches provide the denser barrier . . .

. . so wonderful knobbly trunks and the added bonus of red glow on the new twiggy growth.

Rather like this shaggy bird as a dominating presence on someone’s boundary. The scale is superb.

The vertical lines of these Sweet Chesnuts are also powerful in their simplicity. These are in Guestling Woods (see last post on Woodland Floor) and so is the green  line made by the creeping ivy . . . below.

Now for the shock, nothing to do with lines in the landscape but it is to do with the vagaries of plants and how they are perverse, unpredictable and never the same, thank goodness. Was glad to see the buds of Tulip ‘Orange Favourite’ looking full and promising . . .


but, what on earth are these? Some strange form, not orange at all, but not any other parrot tulip either – well they look good not something I’d have chosen but whatever . . .

Come to think of it the Tulip ‘Verona’ are stronger yellow than they should be!

One Response to “lines in the landscape + a shock”

  1. Cloudier Says:

    New term, new haircut… haha 🙂

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